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  • This rotor button will fit the IH Horizontal Distributor (353898R11).
  • Also fits Distributors: 368051R1, 401107R1
  • This will NOT fit on either Delco or Prestolite distributors.
  • Part Reference Numbers : IHS703, 353896R91
  • Make : International
  • Model : A,14, AV,Super A, Super AV1, B,BN,C,Super C, Cub,Cub Loboy,154,184,185,H,HV,Super H, Super HV,I9,DI9, M,MD,Super M, Super MD,MDV,MTA,MV,)4,O6,ODS6,OS6,T340,T5,T6,TD6,Super W4,W4,Super W6,W6,W6TA,W6TA(diesel),W9,WD6,Super WD9,SuperWDR9,WD9,WDR9,WR9,WR9S,Hydro70,Hydro86,100,130,40,200,230,240,300,330,340,350,400,W400(Wheatland),404,424,444,450,450,W450,460,504,560,600,606,650,656,660,666,686,706,756,766,806,826,856,

Rotor Button

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