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Ring Set (+ 0.020) - Four Rings - Plain Top Ring,Top Ring: CR1 - Chrome Plated Barrel Faced (3.00mm)2nd Ring: CR2 - Chrome Plated Barrel Faced Internally Stepped Top (2.38mm)3rd Ring: P2 - Parallel Faced Internally Stepped Top (2.38mm)4th Ring: CBEH - Chrome Plated Bevelled Edge with Helical Coil Spring (4.76mm)

Part Reference Numbers: S.66064

Make : Ford/New Holland

Model: 3230,334,3430,3610,3610US Built,3910,3930,4000,4000 US Built,4110,4110 US Built,4130,420,420 US Bilt,445C,445D,4600,4600 US Built,4610,4610 US Built,4630,4830,5000,5000 US Built,5030,5110,550,555A,555B,555C,555D,5610,5900,6410,655,655A,655C,655D,6600,6600,6610,6700,6710,7810,7910,8000,8010,8200,8210,8530,TW5

Piston Ring +0.020'' (0.50mm)

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