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Dimensions: ID: .75" / 19mm, OD: 3.39" / 86mm, HEIGHT: 4.21" / 107mm,Inside Diam.: 9/16 (14.3), Outside Diam.: 3 15/32 (88.1), Length: 4 3/16 (106.4)

Part Reference Numbers : OF3767, P73,18152AB,08926AB,68660,LF568,L20700,1003879M1,1014219M92,1502470M91,761515M1,835817M91,840293M1,L20700,MXS1565,MXS1565,51080

Make: Allis Chalmers, Case/International,Caterpillar,JohnDeere,Minneapolis-Moline,Oliver

Model : FB20-15 Lift Truck,FB20-24 Lift Truck,FPB20-15 Lift Truck,FPB20-24 Kift Truck,411,D,DC,L,LA,LI,S,SC,SI,390 Lift Truck,391 Lift Truck,400P Lift Truck, 410 Lift Truck, 420 Lift Truck,421 Lift Truck,460 Lift truck,461 Lift Truck, 480P Lift Truck, 500 Lift Truck, 500P Lift Truck,501 Lift Truck,501P Lift Truck,540S Lift Truck,590S Lift Truck,600P Lift Truck,600S Lift Truck,670S Lift Truck,680P Lift Truck,LT60 Lidt Truck,LT62 Lift Truck,LT72 Lift Truck,LT90 Lift truck,1054 Combine,40 Combine,45 Combine,55 Combine,2890 Combine,3490 Combine,3496 Combine,4290 Combine,4292 Combine,4293 Combine,4296 Combine,109 Combine,110 Combine,111 Combine,112 Combine,115 Combine,132 Combine,137 Combine,35 Combine,35L422 Combine,427  Combine,428 Combine,429 Combine,430 Combine,431 Combine,522 Combine,525 Combine,535 Combine,542 Combine,545 Combine,550,551,5542 Combine,Golden Arrow,OC46,SP109 Combine,SP110 Combine,SP112 Combine,SP112 Combine,SP115 Combine,SP115,SP132 Combine,SP137 Combine,SP420 Combine,SP430 Combine,SP431Combine,SP525 Combine

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