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Part Reference Numbers : 1700-0751, 325951R1, 325951R91, 352947R91, 352951R91, 352954R91, 352956R91, 356687R92, 356689R2, 356689R92, 356691R91, 356691R92, 356694R92, 356695R92, 356697R93, 362439R91, 362789R91, 407487R1, 407487R1GV, 45327DA, 46277DA, 50075D, 52794D, 65352D, 65357D, 65358D, 65359D

Make : Case/International

Model: 100; 130; 140; 200; 230; 240; 2424 Indust/Const; 300; 330; 340; 3444 Indust/Const; 350; 400 Farmall; 404; 424; 444; 450 Farmall; 500 Crawler; 504; A; A1; AV; B; BC144 Eng; BN; C; C135 Eng; C146 Eng; C153 Eng; C175 Eng; Cub; Cub 154 Lo Boy; Cub 184 Lo Boy; Cub 185 Lo Boy; Cub Lo Boy; H; HV; I4; I6; ID6; M; MD; MDV; MTA; MV; ODS6; OS4; OS6; Super A; Super AV; Super C; Super H; Super HV; Super M; Super MDV; Super MV; Super W4; Super W6; T340 Crawler; T4 Crawler; T5 Crawler; T6 Crawler; TD6 Crawler; W4 Loader; W400; W450; W6; W6TA; WD6


Ignition Wires

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