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  • This is a Steiner exclusive kit that fits both early and late touch control blocks.
  • Some applications may have extra O-rings and / or washers.
  • There are 24 pieces in this gasket and O-ring kit.
  • Touch Control block casting numbers: 354383R1 thru R4, 351981R1, 360719R1
  • Part Reference Numbers: IHS3027,128999,13727D,238-5113,238-5324,238-6326,252738R1,253070R1,254691R1,350658R1,350667R1,350672R1,350684R1,351983R1,351989R4,351989R6,351989R7,352004R1,352024R1,352034R1,352034R2,352221R1,354008R93,354008R94,354008R95,355966R1,355967R1,360713R91,360713R92,411205R1,411205R2,461173R1,49861,75285739,843092,86505727,86553262,9672467,9706714,A175513
  • Make: International 
  • Model: Cub,Cub Loboy

Hydraulic Touch Control Block Gasket and O-Ring Kit

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