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  • The decision to switch over to the flatback sealed beam light was aurthorized by IH.on 5/28/52. There was still a supply of teardrop (bulb style) lights that were used to early 1953, as the supply was exhausted the flatbacks were then introduced.This headlight gasket will fit the original factory sealed beam lights and also the serviceable flatback headlights
  • This gasket fits IHS460 and IHS463 sealed beam flatback lights with 4-5/8" outside diameter sealed beam lense
  • Fits Early 1953-1958 tractors
  • Part Reference Numbers: IHS462
  • Make : International
  • Model: Super A,Super A-1,Super AV,Super AV-1 Super C,Cub,Cub Loboy, Super H,SuperHV,SuperM,SuperMD,MTA,SuperMV,SuperMVTA,SuperW4,W6TA,Super WD6,SuperWD9,SuperWDR9, 100,130,200,230,300,330,350,400,W400,450,W450,

Flatback Headlight Gasket Only, 4-5/8"

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