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AgraCat Farm Tractor

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

AgraCat was a US importer of Chinese tractors in the early 2000s. AgraCat was founded in 1999 in Farmington, Arkansas. Financial difficulties lead AgraCat to partner with AFS in 2002. AFS which began taking a substantial interest in business operations. In 2004, AgraCat declared bankruptcy and AFS created Montana Tractors using many AgraCat employees and dealers.

We also sell compact tractor like Agracat 2910 Tractor w/ brush hog. It runs and sounds great, it is a compact Tractor. It’s a 3 cyl diesel with two-stage clutch. It’s 25 hp Tractor. It has 3 high, 3 low and 3 creeper, 3 reverse ( it’s a 9 speed and 3 reverse. It’s a 4x2 Tractor. We replaced new Exhaust manifold and Fuel sediment bowl, new head gasket. Low hours. Hours meter showing 93.5. 4 tires are in good shape. I can give you a new Operation Manual.

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